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Diversity for every situation

More than 200,000 hip endoprostheses are implanted in Germany each year. Often, it is the B. Braun endoprosthesis system that is used. The key feature of the Bicontact® system is the large selection of implant components. It offers solutions for various bone shapes, and initial and subsequent procedures, as well as uncemented or cemented bony implant anchors.

Robot technology and human understanding combined create premium prostheses

"When producing prostheses, we use the most advanced robot technology," reports Dominik Brückler, CNC lathe operator at Aesculap. In order to operate the technology, the industrial mechanic regularly familiarizes himself with new machines and systems, and completes CNC and robotics courses. "I value highly the fact that I am always able to gain further qualifications here, and receive consistent support.

Training and team spirit.

In order to ensure that the production of prostheses not only yields high-quality results but also pays off, the team around Dominik Brückler constantly work on cycle and idle times. The shorter these are, the more cost-efficient they become. Brückler responds to these challenges with confidence. "We are well organized and the company puts significant investment not only into machines and systems but also its employees. Everyone brings their own expertise and ideas, and contributes to improvements in work processes."

An artificial hip joint restores your freedom

With huge enthusiasm for production details and processes, Dominik Brückler and his colleagues never lose focus on the people their work ultimately serves. People like Norbert Burri. Just a few years ago, Burri – a keen biker – was experiencing severe pain due to the long-term effects of a car accident that destroyed his hip when he was a teenager. He chose an artifical hip joint on the advice of an expert. Shortly after the implant, he is now almost free of pain and finally able to move without restriction again: "It's a tremendous feeling and a completely new quality of life," Burri enthuses.