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Economic efficiency and the best possible care

These days dialysis centers face twice the challenge: On the one hand, they have to care for their patients as best possible, and on the other, they need to stay cost-effective and stay in the black. To achieve both of these objectives, innovative technologies are needed. Dialog+ by B. Braun belongs to a generation of dialysis machines that are extremely efficient and allow patients to receive the best possible care at the same time.

High-tech products require advanced consumer knowledge

In order to be in full control of a dialysis system like Dialog+, technicians need to understand the entire dialysis process as well as the medical implications for patients. This is where Marco Furstenberg comes into play. He is an engineer of electrical and medical technology who works as an international trainer at B. Braun. He provides users in hospitals and dialysis centers with important information so that they are able to use the machines in the best possible way.

Great responsibility, continuous development

From installation to maintenance, all the way to repair work: Marco Furstenberg offers an enormous range of training courses, for which he constantly finds new approaches. “I currently make use of e-learning and new learning techniques in my programs. Five years ago nothing of the sort even existed. I am excited to see what the future will bring!” But regardless of how Furstenberg will share his knowledge in the future, there is one thing that always takes priority: “People’s lives depend on dialysis machines being used correctly. Conveying this is particularly important to me.”